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Fontbonne University

Andrew- Check Out Your Opportunities

by Fontbonne University on October 5, 2009

in New & Future Students

fontbonne andrewI personally never went to Fontbonne’s open house. Instead, I flew in from New York and received a fantastic tour from the lovely Michelle Palumbo (if you’ve never met her, I might recommend you swing by the admissions office and pay her a visit!) But, even without having attended Fontbonne’s open house, I can still tell you that their open house events are worthwhile. In fact, in retrospect I wish I had been to one, since I think it could’ve saved me a lot of time in getting my second major (Applied Sociology) started. The key function of the open house, I think, is to come and learn about what exactly Fontbonne has to offer. Of course, after a brief tour of the campus, you might think they can’t offer much; whether you love the small campus or hate it, the limited number of facilities might have you doubting just how much Fontbonne can provide, educationally. An open house visit will amend that doubt. Through Fontbonne’s open houses, you can observe just how much this university has to offer you with its plethora of majors and minors. It’s important for students considering possible futures to be able to see what options are open to them! Also, it’s a great opportunity to meet both some of the students you’ll be around and some of the teachers (and/or advisors) that you’ll be working with during your college experience!
    The most important function of an open house, I think, is actually the opportunity to decide that you DON’T like the college. I remember my open-house visit to Gannon University in Erie, Pennsylvania. It had a lot of advantages for me, really; it was much closer to home, not to mention I had family in Erie. It presented a lot of opportunities. But, after the open house, I realized I just wouldn’t be happy there. I knew it wouldn’t give me everything I was looking for, which I ultimately found in Fontbonne.
There’s nothing wrong in coming to an open house and deciding a college isn’t right for you. If anything, that’s good—it’s helping you avoid a path you don’t want to take in life. But that still means that it’s vitally important to go to open houses and check out your opportunities!

So if you’re looking for colleges right now, keep an eye out for Fontbonne’s next open house! You might find something you’ll love.

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