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Fontbonne University

Monica-One of Those People Who Really Enjoy School

by Fontbonne University on September 1, 2009

in Academics

fontbonne monica Interview and Counseling and Hebrew Bible. Two classes that are very different, but equally entertaining. Okay, so yes I am one of those people who actually enjoy school, I just want to put that out there. You have to admit though that school can be fun when you are learning about something you actually care about and gaining knowledge that is actually useful to what you want to do. I can’t say this is true for some classes I’ve had, but anyway.
My interview and counseling teacher is a licensed counselor / clinician so he knows what is relevant information to teach us for that kind of work, but he does add in aspects that can relate to business or similar fields. I also enjoy the stories he tells about clients with interesting issues- one client was really paranoid and had to check the doors/ windows before saying anything to make sure no one was around. You also get clients who believe crazy things about the world and have interesting hallucinations they believe to be true. Although these stories can be kinda humorous, it is disheartening to think that people have to go through these issues and have little to no control over their thoughts and actions. There are also scary stories of clients you hear, ones that hurt themselves and sometimes others. I saw a Mary Higgins Clark movie on maybe Hallmark a few years back. It freaked me out. This girl was schizophrenic and had no idea she was stalking her professor. So every night she’s out late, and when she wakes up she has no idea why she’s so tired and where she’s been the night before. Eventually she gets jealous of him because he starts dating someone, so she kills him. The crazy part is, she has no idea she was watching him each night. Her “other self” did it. Sorry to get all morbid, but it does put things into perspective.
On the other hand, my Hebrew Bible class is great. It’s all about God  ! It’s awesome though because as I read through stories and books that I thought I knew at least some about, I realize how much I don’t know and how much more I’m going to know by the end of the class. There are only 6 of us in the class, so we meet around this small table in Dr. Raitt’s office. She is older, but so knowledgeable, with the energy of youth. She is laid back and leads us into some discussions that are really interesting. I’m learning more about the Jewish traditions, some Biblical history, as well as some of the controversies surrounding creation and how some archaeologists believe the Israelites were never in the desert of Egypt just becuase they can’t find evidence. It took them thousands of years to find evidence that Jesus existed and about various ancient tribes, so why not wait a few more thousand and see what evidence they find?

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