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Fontbonne University

MiRita- By the Look of Her Teachers..

by Fontbonne University on September 1, 2009

in Academics

The classes that I am enrolled in talk more into depth about the nature of teaching, development miritaof a child and recognizing characteristics of a child who may have special needs. Some classes that I am taking are general education classes and some are specific to my major of early childhood. My classes are: Speech and Language Development, Into to Life Science, Microcomputer Applications, Multisensory Methods and Infant and Toddler Development. And the class that I am most excited about is the Infant and Toddler Development class because the beginning process of a child learning fascinates me more than anything. I love watching a child grown and learn, and it amazes me how much knowledge they retain in such a short period of time. The process of learning in a child has been a huge topic in the science world for many of years. People like Piaget and Maslow peeked my interest my freshman year in high school. What I hope to take out of all my courses is something that I can obtain to incorporate into my classroom once I begin to teach as well as my everyday life. The development of a child from the point of conception has always been a subject that I have wanted to study and it just helps me know more about the developmental process when I become a teacher.

My Intro to Science teacher, Mrs. Rapp is in one word-AMAZING!!!! Brush( Speech and Language) and Prince(Multi Sensory Methods) are both passionate about what they teach and then to make sure they explain in depth what they are talking about that helps me feel like all the new information is not so hard to remember. But the best teacher so far is Huisman( Infant and Toddler) who just so happens to be my advisor as well!!!! She is always happy, energetic and that makes me pay more attention to her as well as what I am learning. I hope this year turns out to be a good one and by the looks of my teachers it definitely will.

What teachers will you have? Check the Course Schedule to find out!

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