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Mike- Learning & Sharing Insights with Others

by Fontbonne University on September 1, 2009

in Academics

fontbonnemike The most interesting class I am taking this semester is Introduction to Religious Studies.  It is an Honors course with freshmen and sophomores.  Dr. Randy Rosenberg is our professor and is a delight to have in class.  First, the context of the course is awesome.  It consists essentially of reading articles, books, and essays about various topics, including religion, the existence of God, philosophy, and the human search for meaning in life.  Currently, we are reading a novel entitled Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl, a Holocaust survivor.  The novel is magnificent and illuminates many insights into the human thought process, especially in the midst of suffering.  Its focus, as the title suggests, is the human quest for meaning in this crazy existence that we call life.
Second, the format of the class is awesome because it essentially consists of class discussions, listening to radio clips, and other exciting methods of learning.  Everyone in the class is well behaved and has a positive and open outlook on the class.  Personally, I think the class is the best class I have ever had the privilege to take in school.  Third, the main evaluations for the course are a few reflection essays on the various topics which we will cover, a reflection on a visit to a religious place of worship, and contributions to class discussion.
This class is what school should be about- learning and sharing your insights with others.  It is a class that will teach me a lot about religion, meaning in life, and myself.  I am looking forward to the next three months in the class and hope it continues to be so enjoyable.  I hope to keep learning a lot in the class that I can apply to my life.

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