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Fontbonne University

MiRita- A Summer As A Big Sister

by Fontbonne University on August 27, 2009

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miritaThis summer has been one to remember beginning with the move to Maplewood, since it is closer to both my school and workplace. This summer showed me how important it was to have all financial aid documents together. Because of my move, I lost alot of valuable mail and I was unaware that I did not sign up for the work-study program for another year. But luckily, I visited my work-study job and was able to get everything taken care of for the new school year.  Lesson learned: have all mail fowarded to the new address or parents address and make sure that all important places like schools, your job and bill companies have your new address on record at least two weeks before the move!

In the fall I will be a credit short of being a junior and I plan to take six classes, work a full time job and be able to continue to do my volunterring. This past summer I was intiated as a Big Sister in the Big Brother/Big Sister program. It took three months to find a match but it was well worth it. It is something that I have wanted to do in the past and a class last semster really pushed me towards the idea. B.B./B.S. is always looking for more volunteers as a big brother or sister or to help out with the montly fundraisers, and activties. Visit for more information.

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