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Fontbonne University

Mike- Making A Difference, Having Fun

by Fontbonne University on May 8, 2009

in Our Causes

My summer should be an enjoyable and rewarding one.  I am working three weeks of basketball camp fontbonnemikeat my high school where I will earn a good deal of money, while helping kids improve their basketball skills.  I will enjoy working with my old teammates and friends that have been part of the Vianney basketball program.  In early June, I will travel to Belize for a service project with Fontbonne.  I hope I can make a difference for the community in Belize.

I will do plenty of running to prepare for cross country next year.  It is essential that I improve my speed and get faster in order to help our team compete on the national level next fall.  I plan to play many sports during the summer and just have a great time seeing people that I have missed over this school year.  I will go to a community pool many times and spend a lot of time in the sun.  I look forward to catching up with my friends at parties and other events.

One of the most important parts of my summer will be the Steubenville Retreat with my youth group.  I will spend two days on the campus of Missouri State University building my faith life and growing closer to God.  In addition to this event, I will participate in many other events with my youth group.  I am not taking any summer classes at Fontbonne and will probably not have any real jobs over the summer.  It is a goal of mine to read a book written by President Obama entitled The Audacity of Hope.  I have many goals for the summer of 2009. Overall, my summer should be a time of becoming better, making a difference, and having fun.

What will you summer have in store after Fontbonne? Apply today to find out!

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