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Liz- Outdoor Time is Always a Good Time

by Fontbonne University on May 6, 2009

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I…absolutely….LOVE the outdoors!!!  Nothing in the world is more relaxing than being outside with thefontbonneliz wind gently teasing my hair and the sun laughing at my skin. The refreshing sent of young flowers blossoming after spring rain will always beat the discomfort of mechanical air.  To me, the outdoors screams: beaUtifulness….

So! I will spend my outside time walking around my neighborhood, absorbing the local delicacies of independent coffee shops, admiring the artistic expression displayed in corner boutiques and enjoying the zooms of the public (I live in the loop).  Well really…I’ll just walk around till I get a cup of coffee, pass a couple of dress shops and hope NOT to get hit by on-coming traffic….LOL

But if that’s not tickling my fancy, I might go for a bike ride! Just the other day I biked to the central west end to meet my friend in Forest Park. We biked around for a while eventually ending at a climbing facility downtown, and then biked to the loop for a bite to eat.
So, that’s how I’ll spend my outdoor time. Walking and biking, eating and walking. Biking and eating, walking and smiling!

I’m VERY happy that the weather warmed up. My friends all agree that: OUTDOOR time is always a GOOD time!

Have a good time with Fontbonne! Apply today!

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