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Fontbonne University

Libby- Remembering Childhood Activities

by Fontbonne University on May 6, 2009

in Athletics

fontbonnelibbyIn February, I was asked to participate on the Fontbonne University’s Women’s Tennis team.  I thought this was a joke because I have never played tennis in my life, minus the couple of times I attempted to at the park with my friends.  But I have played sports all my life and decided that it would be a worthwhile addition to my schedule.  Plus, how hard could tennis really be?  Well harder than it looks was the answer.  Though I never played before, I quickly LOVED the sport.  As the season progressed so did my skills.  I am no Williams sister but now that the weather is looking better I am so excited to go find some tennis courts and play.

Along with playing tennis, the weather has encouraged me to go outside a lot more.  I plan on migrating outside to work on homework.  Maybe the sunny weather will help me get an A on my last Rhetoric paper.  I also have already decorated Fontbonne’s parking lot with sidewalk chalk.  Which I plan to do again.  Along with chalk I will be tuning in to joys of my childhood by flying kites and swinging on swings at a park.  My friend Mary Alice and I have found a park with perfect swings where we can also fly kites.  The good weather makes me remember activities I enjoyed as a kid, and I have realized I still enjoy them now.

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