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Andrew- Summer Goal List

by Fontbonne University on May 8, 2009

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fontbonneandrewWe are soooo close to being done with this semester. SO CLOSE. One final week to stress out about final projects and final reviews, and then one finals week to stress out about final study sessions and final exams. Finally!

This, of course, means that summer break is right around the corner. At least, that’s true for returning students—congratulations to all graduates, and good luck in the real world! As for me, I’m going to go live in fantasy for a while.

I didn’t end up with this internship I had hoped for (competing for internships in Advertising as a freshman is pretty difficult, in my defense) so instead I get to go and goof off all summer. I’ve already got a healthy line-up of vacations, too! Once school is over, I’ll be down in Branson, Missouri for a week in the Ozarks. Then, I’ll be hitting up Chicago, where I’ll visit some relatives, the Baha’i Mother Temple of the West, and a friend of mine at the University of Chicago (they do trimesters) on his birthday, all on my big drive back to New York. After that, I’ll be flying out in another month or so to visit a few friends in Santa Monica, California, and then visiting parts of Oregon. And at some point, I’ll be back in St. Louis for a while, to attend a FAB retreat in preparation for being next year’s Marketing Manager. I’m really excited for that, but nervous, too! And, I may fit in a quick visit to Kansas City, if I can, somewhere in there!

Well, once I completely run out of money—which, looking at those vacation plans, is inevitable—I’ll be chilling out in Rochester, New York, doing things that are free. I do literally mean ‘chilling out’, since the summers there rarely get too much over 80 degrees, and I’m pretty sure 90 never even happens. I’ll pass the days by trying to read up on some books, mostly concerning Advertising, Personal Philosophies, and Religion. I’ll jam around on bass with some friends, and maybe record some music, maybe find a gig to play. I’ll bike everywhere I can when at all possible—why spend money on summer’s inflated gas prices when I could get the exercise? And, finally, I’ll be playing a lot of frolf, or Frisbee golf. With any luck, maybe I’ll get an even game this summer! Haha, yeah right—usually I don’t get under 5 over…

The most important thing I’ve got to do, though, is to write up a list of goals. I wrote up goals for last summer, and kept the list in my wallet. I didn’t achieve all of them, but I did make a lot of progress and made sure to do some things I thought were personally valuable. I recommend you do the same! Having a list of summer goals is a wonderful way to keep ‘on track’ during lazy days of freedom. Make sure you accomplish something this summer!

What goals can Fontbonne help you accomplish? How about attending an open house?!

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