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Fontbonne University

Stephen- Broadcast Center and Internship Semester

by Fontbonne University on April 22, 2009

in Academics

fontbonnestephenNext semester I am pretty excited about my schedule as a whole.  Because I came in o Fontbonne with some credit hours, I get to take it a little bit easy when it comes to the end of my fourth year.  I am taking 12 credit hours this upcoming semester.  I have Persuasion on Tuesday nights with one of my favorite teacher, Ms. Brownfield.  I already took Political Persuasion, so this class should be pretty easy and a recap of what I learned already.  The class is also from 6-8:30 on Tuesday nights . . . keep that in mind for later!

             I then have six hours a week at the broadcast center which is always fun. I have

Units 3-6 of Announcing, which is one of my favorites because you get to learn how to talk on the radio. It applies to my future career in radio, which makes me excited, and the instructors are people currently working in radio, so I get that real life experience. At the broadcast center, I make my own schedule. And along with those 6 hours I have 3 hours worth of internship at 1400 KJFF in Festus.  So I get to spend 120 hours during next semester to work at a radio station, which is what I will be doing when I get out of Fontbonne. It’s so nice to get that real life experience and have it count as a class.  So in summary, I have class on Tuesday nights and then really whenever I want so it’s going to be a really flexible semester which is pretty exciting and unusual for college, but I’m excited.


What courses will you take?


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