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Fontbonne University

Sarah- Recommends World Religions

by Fontbonne University on April 22, 2009

in Academics

A class I took my second year here that was superb was World Religions.  We talked about every fontbonnesarahreligion imaginable and the pluses and minuses for each of them.  The thing that really sparked my interest was the site visit.  Everyone in the class chose a different site to work on their project.  You were supposed to go to a totally different religion’s place of worship.  I ended up going to a Hindu temple that was very colorful.  It is definitely a different way of believing!  It was a great class that I will tell anyone and everyone to take.
The class I have right now in my final semester here is a keeper!  It is Management Information Systems or MIS for short.  I’m telling you, I’ve learned so much already from that class about computer security.  Here at school, I needed to bump up the security on my own computer with Internet sites.  I thought everything was fine with my home computer, but apparently not.  After tweaking some things, I am able to say that it is fine now.  PHEW!!!  I’m sure glad that I have this class before I graduate!  Although, I do not know how I could end up having it after I graduate…hmmm

What could you take? Apply today!

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