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Fontbonne University

Sarah- Motivated With Other Tasks

by Fontbonne University on April 4, 2009

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An organization on campus that I have been a part of for three years is Student Alumni Association for fontbonnesarahthree years now.  On Wednesday night, we had our famous Young Alumni dinner where young alums return to campus and the students ask them about their current jobs.  This year is really awesome because I knew almost all of the alums!  Of course, I did not know where they all work and what they do.  So, these past alums of Fontbonne University came to share all of the wisdom they have received from their work experience.  It is a great networking event for all who come.  Next year, I will come and share my life at work… I can just see it now…Sarah Buffa… Professional Student… Maybe you never know.
One organization that I am involved in is Student Alumni Association (SAA).  They just had a function held at the Magic House that was packed of fun.  I mainly helped in the snack room.  One of my duties was to hand out entries for the Alumni Attendance prize.  So the alums were so chatty with me.  It was great!  They were sharing their experiences while at Fontbonne like what they used to do for fun at Fontbonne.  They kept telling me that Fontbonne really helped to prepare them for the real world.  When I first came here I knew no one, now I know just about everyone on campus.  The groups I get involved with will help to increase my ability to multitask (even though I’m SOOOO bad at that), and make friends.  I am always busy doing something and that I feel keeps me motivated for other tasks.

For more information on activities and clubs on campus, check out  student organizations online.

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