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Fontbonne University

Sarah- Dunking Booth for R.A.s

by Fontbonne University on April 24, 2009

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fontbonnesarahMy favorite Springfest memory would be the dunking booth.  Wouldn’t you love to see your Resident Assistant dunked in a huge pool of water?  I know I would and I DID.  It was awesome, because if I was mad at any R. A. I could take it out in the tank!  Honestly, I wasn’t too good at it, to tell you the truth!  But I pulled some strings and had a friend dunk the R. A. of my choice.  It was great to see their shocked face of being dunked.  They will look at me differently now!  I hope they held their breath.  HAHAHA.  After being dunked they had to walk around in the wet clothes.  Fantastic!!!
Another memory would have to be the stupendous inflatables that were at Springfest last year.  So I challenged a good friend of mine to a duel!  It was awesome.  We climbed up to a podium-like space with jousting poles,  one for each of us.  Then we would try and force the other person to lose their balance.  I was planning on showing my friend who’s the boss of that game; unfortunately, she ended up showing me who’s the boss.  Anyways, if you lost your balance you would fall on a large inflatable.  So all’s good!  Even though I was horrible at that game, I still will always keep it dear to my heart.

What would you do at SpringFest? Check out student activities for more information!

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