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Fontbonne University

MiRita- Eating Great Family Recipes

by Fontbonne University on April 13, 2009

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Easter has always been a staple in my family and usually its associated with my birthday in my mind, miritabecause we celebrate it on the same weekend. On Easter Sunday, the first step is church, where like most people, I am dressed in my finest and my newest Sunday dress clothes. This includes the dress, the ribbon wrist purse and some white shoes with the ruffle socks. Then we are on to visiting my Aunties and Uncles and then back home to eat. Most the time the children are summoned outside to run around like kids do, while the parents sit around talking and such. Oh what memories! Now-a days, Easter still holds some effect but now its just dressing up and eating dinner with a bunch of family folk. This may be due to the fact that many of my family members have different religious backgrounds but whatever the reason we all seem to put the differences aside when it came to eating our great family recipes.

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