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Fontbonne University

Mike- Fascinated By the Human Body

by Fontbonne University on April 22, 2009

in Academics

The classes that I am most excited about taking in the fall are Introduction to Religious Studies and Anatomy and fontbonnemikePhysiology.  First, Introduction to Religious Studies interests me because I have always had an appreciation for world religions and their teachings.  I am a devout Catholic and hope to learn more things about my faith that I do not currently know.  Religion is such a vital aspect of my life and it drives me to continue facing the challenges of today’s world.  It will be interesting to learn about my own religion and those of others throughout the world.  I love learning about religious beliefs and practices.


Second, I am excited about taking Anatomy and Physiology because the human body fascinates me.  I have a basic understanding of the bones and muscles of the human body but want to gain a broader understanding of them.  I want to learn the importance and functions of the specific bones and muscles of the body.  Because I want to be a doctor, this is a very important class for me.  I need to know the bones and muscles of the body to diagnose injuries and understand what parts of the body are affected during injuries.  Knowing about the functions of the various bones and muscles can help me be a healthier human being.


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