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Fontbonne University

Liz- Little Moments Like This

by Fontbonne University on April 24, 2009

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fontbonnelizMy favorite Spring Fest memory was one time when I didn’t have to run a lot of booths by myself and I got a break to get a charactarture done of my roommate Talia and I. We laughed a lot and watched the guy draw us in less than a minute! I still have the picture to this day! As an RA, I have also gotten to be one of the people who sit under a dunk booth where water balloons get popped over your head. This is a fun way to get other students involved! I mean who wouldn’t want to soak a fellow student or their RA? Also, like everyone at Fontbonne, I love the free food and Ted Drewes and getting to see the Fontbonne community come together. Residents and commuters, organizations, staff and faculty all to have fun and celebrate Spring. Little moments like these I’ll never forget!

Check out other little moments on Fontbonne’s Youtube Site!

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