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Fontbonne University

Andy- A Whole Day Off Work

by Fontbonne University on April 13, 2009

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fontbonneandyMy Easter Plans are very boring. But, I do plan to take over the world with everyone at Fontbonne. Other than trying to rule the world, I plan on sitting back and relaxing. I am going to the final Blues hockey game at home, and if everything goes well, they will go to the playoffs! And if they go to the playoffs, then I will be going to the games! …But sorry for getting off track. I plan on working on Saturday and probably hanging out with friends in town. On Easter Sunday, I plan on going to church and eating a delicious breakfast with my whole family. I will go to 9 a.m. mass and after that, go to my Grandma’s. She makes the most delicious breakfast. It is almost as good as our Christmas breakfast. After eating our delicious breakfast, my grandma usually hides tootsie rolls or other type of candy around her house and we have to go find it. The whole family gets involved with it, if the younger kids cannot find everything, the grown ups usually come up and help. Every year, we always miss a couple then the following year, we end up with a couple extra one. It is always a lot fun and it’s a great day because I don’t have to work that entire day.

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