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Fontbonne University

Andrew- See You There!

by Fontbonne University on April 24, 2009

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fontbonneandrewThere’s a growing excitement on campus for the upcoming event of Springfest. Those who have experienced it in past years, those students who have been here for more years than myself—it’s really incredible to think I’ve almost, and yet only, been here a year—are anticipating this event.
Except, I know absolutely nothing about Springfest!
So I checked the Griffin Scratch, the free student planner and handbook and my best friend through my freshman year who has helped me keep track of the weeks and kept me posted on major Fontbonne events. According to the Scratch, Springfest is Friday, the 24th—oh, wait, wow, that’s this Friday!—with two different sets of activities; the day activities run from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., while the evening activities begin at 8 p.m. But what are these activities? I’ll have to ask around.
In high school, we also had a Springfest event. Classes were shortened that day and then everyone moved outside to enjoy food, pick-up games of ultimate Frisbee and volleyball, live music from the band “No Child Left Behind”, an all-teacher rock band (every high school has its cool teachers, you know?) For the most part, it was just a day to enjoy not being in classes, to get excited about the end of the year growing near, to take a break from the mind-numbing routine of high school life (which was hardly mind-numbing for me, but still, shortened classes are shortened classes, so who am I to complain?)
So I’m looking forward to fun for Springfest. I won’t know what it is ‘til I get there, but I’ll go all the same. Because I know how these things work at Fontbonne: it’ll be fun no matter what, and it’ll be a great opportunity to be with friends and enjoy this university’s community. Friday, April 24th: see you there!

What else goes on? Check out student activities for more information!

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