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Fontbonne University

Andrew- Denying Students Who Really Need It

by Fontbonne University on April 6, 2009

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Everyone is riled up over the proposed change to the Access Missouri Funding program. You can see itfontbonneandrew2 will have a huge impact at Fontbonne, affecting roughly one sixth of the student population.

What happens when you take away money from those students? Well, let’s be realistic here; the planned change doesn’t take the money away, it just reallocates the money towards public schools. So, students are now essentially required to go to public schools. But, public colleges and universities aren’t for everyone. Some students may completely fail to thrive in such environments. Students deserve the choice so that they can select what’s best for them. When you start forcing students into environments where they can’t thrive, they fail to be students, and the money is essentially wasted. Furthermore, many private colleges and universities may be downright better. So what does this reallocation of funds do? It denies students who really need assistance a true chance to escape and instead worsens a problem.

I’ve already written to my representatives about this problem (my Missouri representatives, anyway). Have you? If not, get on it.

Check out the other information you should know about Missouri Access Funding.

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