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Fontbonne University

Andrew- Class Takes on the Issues of the World

by Fontbonne University on April 22, 2009

in Academics

It’s really mind-blowing to sit here and write this with the thought in mind that we have less than a month of fontbonneandrewclasses left. Wasn’t I just meeting my FOCUS leader yesterday? Wasn’t I just sitting through orientation and listening to Dr. Golden speaking to the freshman class of 2012? And now to think that it’s not 2008, but 2009, and the spring semester is rapidly approaching its exam week. Incredible.
                So of course I’ve looked into classes for next year—as if there was any doubt I’d be returning—and I’m pretty excited about it. This semester was kind of rough, you see; I was focusing on knocking all my gen-eds out of the way, so I was taking a really diverse schedule: Statistics, Biology, World Religions, Sociology, Marketing, Literature… and the questionable, but easy INT108 (a.k.a. “Libraries for Dummies”). So next year, I’m beginning to really crack down on my two majors: Advertising and Sociology. It’s difficult to think about what I’m most excited for! My two sociology classes sound really interesting, and I really do love sociology—but my advertising classes also are really important and hopefully a lot of fun (after all, I’d hate to start regretting my major!) However… I think the most fun class could very easily be PHL260—Contemporary Moral Issues. I don’t know much about the class, nor the teacher, but if there’s a good amount of discussion in this class, I could end up enjoying it a lot. For the same reasons I enjoy sociology, I think contemporary moral issues would serve as an interesting way to focus on the ethical dilemmas of today in an organized manner; and I love to argue, debate, and reason with the various perspectives people take on the various issues of our world. There’s never a right answer, of course, so for me it’s like a game, except at the same time you expand your horizons and broaden your perspective on the world. Of course, that’s always a good thing.
                But, you know, being at the end of spring semester, the term ‘excited’ is very relative regarding next year’s classes. I’m way more excited about summer!

What are you excited about? Maybe, it’s applying for Fontbonne today!

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