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Fontbonne University

Andrew- A Preview of the Summer

by Fontbonne University on April 13, 2009

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fontbonneandrew2So, I’m pretty excited about Easter. Mainly because I’m flying home Wednesday afternoon. This will be the first time I have been back to New York in nearly four months. I don’t think I’ve ever been away from home for so long. Now, don’t get me wrong—Fontbonne is totally a home for me as it is. But, there are some things I miss. And by that, I mean, some people. And by that, I mean my dog. I miss my dog. Her name is Zoey, and I love her dearly. She’s a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, a tiny little thing with the heart of a Golden Retriever. See, I like dogs. I have a soft spot for them. And, of course, just as a parent will love their own child more than any other child, I love my dog more than any other dog. I’m really excited to take advantage of the four-day weekend and go for a long walk with Zoey. Man, I’m so excited just thinking about it!
You know, I’ll be doing other stuff over Easter, too. Like dropping off everything I got in Ireland! Hahaha. I have a lot of souvenirs and such, including some stuff I made myself out of rocks and shells I got in Ireland. I’m excited to give some of those gifts and to tell people about my overseas adventures. And, of course… I’m excited to go see my best friend. Haha, I don’t mean Zoey!
My actual Easter is kind of messed up… I have to fly out mid-day, so I have to be ready to roll by mid-early morning. So I won’t have time for mass or Easter Egg hunts, or anything like that. No, I’ll be finding airplane pretzels instead of Easter chocolate. Oh, well… It’s worth it. This is like a little preview of the summer that’s drawing closer and closer. Not much more than a month left, you know!

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