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Fontbonne University

Stephen- We Is Gonna Find Us Some Ghosts

by Fontbonne University on March 6, 2009

in Campus Community

fontbonnestephenIf I were stuck on campus for 48 hours without class, I would take a ton of towels and blankets and anything else that I could find  and make a giant tent over the meadow.  Thats right…. from the roof of Ryan Hall to the roof of Medialle and then down the sides with the trees.  And then we would have a huge party under the tent! But that would  only be the first 24 hours…

Over the second 24 hours, I would make a video of me and some friends ghost hunting over the campus at night.  Call it something catchy like Dead or Alive, We is Gonna Find Us Some Ghosts, or something like that… the naming rights aren’t set in stone.  We would have caps and masks, much the same as superheros, but we wouldn’t be superheros… we have no powers except for looking awesome in capes, (which is actually one of the prerecusitics of being a cool superhero- look it up).  We would go on 4th floor Ryan and 3rd Floor Joe, and then take a short snack break in my room and then proceed to the DSAC and instead of Ghosts scarring us, we would scare ghosts. It would be great.
But that is what I would do if I was stuck at Fontbonne with no class for 48 hours.

What would you do on campus? Decide today at an upcoming open house!

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