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Fontbonne University

Stephen- Boring and Fun

by Fontbonne University on March 13, 2009

in Athletics

fontbonnestephenMy plans for Spring Break are not all that fun and interesting.  If you would ask most anyone, it seems that they will tell you either Flordia, California, or Ireland.  But not Stephen… he is staying in Missouri.  But there are plans there which are both exciting and boring.  On Saturday of Spring Break I will be going to Rolla, Missouri (this is the exciting part), and will be seeing Ludo, Puddle of Mudd, and Shindown in Concert with a bunch of high school friends that I haven’t seen in a while.  Then I am coming back home on Sunday and then driving back up to good ole Fontbonne to be on RA duty for the night.
Then I am going home to be with the family and visit with high school friends.  Also I get to coach my old high schools tennis team in which my dad is the coach, which is pretty exciting because I get to keep up with my tennis playing.  And on Friday it is the first tennis match the season agasint Webster, which should be pretty exciting.  Oh and I am going to be dropping by a local radio station to work out the logistics of an intership that I will be having this summer!  So there are some exiting parts of my sping break and some boring parts where I will be twiddling my thumbs to a new beat, but still looking forward to it!

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