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Fontbonne University

Sarah- World At A Standstill

by Fontbonne University on March 6, 2009

in Campus Community

If I were stranded on campus for 48 hours with no class. I would entertain myself by…fontbonnesarah

The Mustard Seed theater, a group of outside actors, produces shows in the  Fontbonne Fine Arts building that that I would be interested in going to.  The theater company performs shows all week long.  I would walk over there and pay a small fee for a good seat,  or  maybe they’ll even have the “pay if or what you can night,” which is always nice since I am a poor college student.

The art shows at this school are fantastic, and they are put on by the university’s own art students.  I would go to the theater or art show in the Fine Arts building, work out, and then enjoy the outdoors.  To work out, I would walk up to Walgreens or around Forest Park with a couple of friends. I could also go into our gym at school which has weight machines and cardio machines.  There is so much I could do without class!  The world is at a standstill for me without class, and I would love the time to do what I wanted.

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