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Fontbonne University

Sarah- Recollects Spring Break 2008

by Fontbonne University on March 13, 2009

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I wish I could say that I was doing something totally awesome for SPRING BREAK 2009, but I’m not, fontbonnesarahwhich is very disappointing.  I wish I could tell you about last year when I went to visit my best friend from high school in Hawaii!  She was in the Navy and luckily was able to take off to spend time with me.  She had the whole trip planned out when I arrived.  It was totally awesome.  The highlights were scuba diving and seeing the beautiful fish, visiting Pearl Harbor, the culture center with a fantastic luau, and visiting this great store on the island where there was NO SALES TAX whatsoever!  Of course, the downfall was that you had to be in the Navy or accompanied by someone in the Navy.  That was the best time of my life!  I only wish I could go back…
Oh, I’m supposed to be talking about spring break this year, right…sorry…moving on…  For Spring Break 2009, I get to babysit my parents’ house and two dogs while they go to Jamaica for a vacation…which they never do.  So you think they would take me, my sister and my brother right?  Umm NO!  I’ll be enjoying my “break” by watching the two dogs: one of which is an angel and the other is pretty much the complete opposite.  The angel dog is a prissy one at that; I’m not going to lie.  The other dog who we’ll call the “sweetness dog” runs outside, gets dirt all over her paws and then runs inside and jumps on me (all 75 pounds of her), but she is a complete cutie.  I love her!

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