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Fontbonne University

Rachel- Rediscovering Fun

by Fontbonne University on March 2, 2009

in Campus Community

fontbonnerachelWhat could I do if I had 48 hours, without class, to entertain myself on campus? What WOULDN’T I do?

I would start with a nice warm up by cooking something for myself in the seldom used kitchen at the top of Medaille. Following my hearty first meal, I would say “breakfast,” but I would wake up much too late for breakfast. I would gather my fellow stranded friends and partake in one of my favorite activities… exploring! I would first search for the mythical “tunnels under Medaille.” According to legend, there are hidden tunnels under Medaille Hall that lead to Ryan Hall and the Physical plant. Rumor has it the nuns used to use them to go between buidlings in bad weather. Rumor also has it that said tunnels have a Willy Wonka-esque feeling,with shrinking hallways and tiny doors. Although exploring sounds wonderful, I have to admit the basement of Medaille also scares the crap out of me. Its so lonely!

After a tiring day of exploring, I would retire to my room with a DVD, newly rented from the Red Box on the first floor of Medaille, and have a movie marathon fully equipped with hot chocolate and kettle corn! I preferably would watch something mentally challenging, maybe something from the Sundance Film Festival!  Honestly, I would go to bed early. Sleep is something I really have come to miss the most.

On my second day, I would start a campus-wide outside day (hoping the weather is nice…). We would fly kites if it was windy, have a massive snowball fight if it was snowing, or just tan in the meadow if it was nice. Maybe we could start a nice game of hide n’ seek, red rover, dogdeball, or capture the flag that would bring us back to the glory days of recess. Overall, I would just spend time outdoors with people I don’t get to hang out with that often.

Basically, I would just have 48 hours full of friends and fun. Those are two F’s that I truly miss when I get busy in the middle of the semester. I would take break from the freaking out and the feeling tired, and jsut have fun. Who wants to give Fonbonne forty-eight hours of fun? Pleaseee…

Come check out the fun at Fontbonne at an upcoming open house!

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