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Fontbonne University

Mike- Hyperplanned 48 hours

by Fontbonne University on March 2, 2009

in Academics,Athletics,Campus Community,Our Causes

If I was stuck on campus for 48 hours without classes, I would have a wonderful time engaging in fontbonnemikeseveral activities here at Fontbonne.  I would start the two day period with a long run in Forest Park early in the morning followed by a shower and breakfast in Ryan Hall.  Next, I would spend about five or six hours watching comedy movies with my friends.  These movies would include Beverly Hills Ninja, Dumb and Dumber, and Happy Gilmore.  Then, I would have lunch with friends in the DSAC Caf’.  After lunch, I would spend an hour or so in the chapel praying the rosary and praying for my friends and family.  Later in the afternoon, I would try to have a three-on-three basketball tournament, and we would play for about three hours.

After the basketball tournament, I would eat dinner.  Then, I would go to my dorm room and listen to Christian rock music to give thanks and praise to God.  I would also listen to many of my other favorite songs.  Around nine o’clock I would read for approximately an hour to keep my mind sharp.  Finally, I would watch some television to see what was happening in the world and in the world of sports.  Hopefully I would also catch something hilarious on Comedy Central because I am a emphatic comedy fan.  This is how I would spend the first 24 hours of my two days.  I would spend the next 24 hours participating in the same activities as the day before.  I would meet the three goals I have each day: praising and thanking God in prayer, enhancing my intellect, and improving my athletic ability and physical condition.

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