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Fontbonne University

Mary Alice- Bringing Some of the Best Times

by Fontbonne University on March 6, 2009

in Campus Community

If I had 48 hours of no classes, there are endless possibilities of what I could do.  First, I would catch fontbonnemaryaliceup on my sleep.  Then there are so many things to do…you could have a snowball fight (only if there is snow of course), play basketball in the gym, watch movies, eat yummy food from the DSAC, hang out with friends, walk to Walgreens, workout in the gym, or make cookies.  You can do so many things on campus.  You just have to make up your mind that you are going to have a good time.

Other things you can do are take crazy pictures, make wall signs for your room, jump on the bed, take a walk outside if the weather is nice, play a game in the meadow, make a good home cooked meal, sit around and talk with your friends, make up a cool handshake, or call and order pizza.  Being bored on campus can bring about some of the best times.  It is crazy all of the things you can come up with to do.

What crazy things will you do in college? Decide your major at the upcoming majors fair!

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