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Fontbonne University

Liz- Spring Break Dilema

by Fontbonne University on March 27, 2009

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Classmate: “What did you do on Spring Break?”fontbonneliz

Me: Hmmm….nothing

Classmate: What? Why?

Me: Hmmm…. (Thought process begins:

I didn’t work on the profile project that is worth a huge unknown percentage of my grade and I did not work on any of the seemingly 20 million news articles due this week in my classes. Awe man! I can’t say that because I’ll look like an idiot. Yeah…I did nothing…and I enjoyed it! But why? Why did I enjoy doing nothing? Maybe because our society has bombarded me with a need to always do something. Twitter, Facebook and MySpace are always asking me what am I doing…so I should have done something…but I didn’t. Now I’m looking like an idiot. So what do I say? I didn’t read a book. I should have read a book. But I’ve got enough literature between the Post-Dispatch, course books, People Magazine and text messages. And a surly didn’t go anywhere because all my friends have different spring break schedules. I don’t mind that because I can always see them in the summer….I did see a movie but that’s just a boring answer…come one Liz think! Think of something cleaver!!!!!)

ANSWER: I don’t know. I just didn’t?  What did you do

Classmate: (Long pause) Yeah I didn’t do anything either…how many points is that profile project again?

Let Fontbonne be a part of your Spring Break! Come to an upcoming open house!

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