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Fontbonne University

Liz- A Fort, Food, and Facebook

by Fontbonne University on March 13, 2009

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Assuming I have no classes……

If I was stuck on campus for 2 days I would first make a fort in the DSAC’s women’s locker room out of the unoccupied library couches on the second floor. Those couches have the most comfortable cushions I’ve ever napped upon and since this experience is over-night, I might as well sleep on the fluffiest pillows in town! Plus, you can’t beat a fort in the DSAC women’s locker room….the hot water pressure is awesome giving that super squeaky clean feeling no matter what! Second, I would roll a mobile television from Ryan’s 3rd floor next to my fort so I wouldn’t miss the Rachel Meadow show on MSNBC. She’s a good reporter. Really…really good. Then, I would spend about 3 hours of total silence in the chapel for meditation. There is no particular reason for that, I just have the time and the chapel is really pretty.

After my meditation, I’d probably want to eat, so I’d head over to the cafeteria for a salad, cottage cheese and peaches. This would put me in the early evening of my first day giving just enough time to check out the events in the student center. After that, its Rachel Meadow show time; so that’s about 2 hours gone. Then, I’d head over to the library to Facebook and Google the night away. The library closes at 11 which happens to be right before my bedtime.

When I wake up, I’m back at the cafeteria for waffles, strawberries and cranberry juice. Then I’m off to the psychology lab to do some experiments. (That might sound weird, but the incentive is free candy and possible extra credit!) After that…I’d head over to the art building to watch a play rehearsal, and then I’d chat with Kevin. He’s our security guard and is really nice. He knows almost every Fontbonne sports game score, statistic, and roster. He’s like my own personal Sports Center announcer. It’s really beneficial when Kevin catches me up on Fontbonne’s athletics because I’m a commuter and often miss home games. Then I’d head back to my fort for a shower. A nice, hot, long, steamy, dreamy, squeaky clean shower! And after spending about 2 hours in the locker room, I’d chill in the gym to watch whatever sport is practicing. Then, I’d head to Ryan’s computer lab for more Facebook and Google fun. And finally, after my 48 hours is up….I’d do homework LOL!

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