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Fontbonne University

Libby- Stalking Ellen

by Fontbonne University on March 9, 2009

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fontbonnelibbyThis Spring Break I will be going to California.  My older sister and I will be flying in to LA to visit our brother.  He recently bought a house near the beach so we will be playing lots of sand volleyball.  One of the things I am looking forward to the most is the chance to see the Ellen Degeneres Show.  We put in a request for tickets a while ago but haven’t heard back.   I am, as some say, obsessed with Ellen Degeneres.  It is my dream to be on her show, and I will be highly disappointed if that does not happen.  I will stand outside her studio with a sign, willing to do almost anything, to be part of the studio audience.
Aside from stalking Ellen, I will just enjoy being away.  I will have a chance to catch up on reading without having to worry about too much homework.  I will however, have to work on a rhetoric paper that’s due in April.  Although I love living in the dorms, it will be nice to not have to share a bathroom with 40 girls.  I am also looking forward to my brothers cooking, which will be a vacation in itself from our campus dining.
After returning from California, I will be heading to Benton, Missouri to my friend Stephanie’s house.  There we will have an annual kick off to March Madness.   A bunch of people I went to high school with we be there eating hotdogs cooked over the open fire and watching basketball.  After catching up with some friends, it will be back to Fontbonne to wait for Easter Break.

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