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Fontbonne University

Andy- A Place To Lay His Head

by Fontbonne University on March 27, 2009

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fontbonneandyFontbonne should have designated nap areas for students.  Commuter students on campus and get tired and have nowhere to lay their head down too!  I can speak for this because I am a commuter, and I would like a place to lay down in between classes and sleep. It does not matter when, where or how but I believe there should be some place to relax.

What would be the best place would be the fourth floor of Medaille.  This is the best place for this area because it is a huge area and not a lot of people go up there.  It is always quiet and very comfortable, relaxing area. They should make a huge room up there full of comfortable couches with nice televisions with movies on.  They should do this because it will give people a resource to go relax and take a load off.  This will get students to get together more and become more involved with the school.  Also, it would be smart to put computers up there as well so students can go up there and do homework or get on facebook and have a good time with everyone.

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