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Fontbonne University

Andrew- Maybe a Hide N' Seek Club?

by Fontbonne University on March 2, 2009

in Academics,Campus Community

fontbonneandrew2Stuck on campus for 48 hours without classes, I know exactly what I would do, since that description basically fits my weekends when I have little homework. 
I’d make music! Music is my pastime and my greatest hobby. Recently, I’ve taken up recording music, using a computer program to arrange several pieces. I play 6-string bass, meaning I’ve got 4 octaves alone that I can play in, so that in some cases, I can record the bass line, the rhythm, and the melody all with the same instrument using different takes. But thanks to the wonder of technology today, or really thanks to the development of music programs, I’m able to generate realistic drumbeats and synth sounds, be it pianos or otherwise, so that I can compose full, rich sound. It’s really fun! I really enjoy music, and being able to make music on my own gives me such a great feeling of accomplishment. It can take a couple hours to have a good recording that lasts only a couple minutes, but I’ve always found it to be worthwhile. Plus—but keep this a secret!—I’m working on a CD for somebody… shh! Hahaha.

Of course, taking 19 hours, even without classes I would guarantee-ably have work to do. I could probably write a research paper, or maybe get a bunch of reading out of the way…! The worst part is, that actually sounds really appealing. In college, having papers assigned is inevitable, of course—but sometimes they aren’t due for weeks or months. But, it drives me nuts having those kinds of assignments hanging over my head, so any opportunity to get them out of the way is more than welcome!

Finally, I should add that if I was stuck on campus for 48 hours without classes, and without work, and without music, I would love to play hide and go seek on campus! Fontbonne Is small enough that a campus-wide game is practical. Maybe we should make a hide-and-go-seek club? Haha, I don’t know if that would be good to include on my résumé for my list of extracurricular activities, but it’s all good fun regardless!

Check out if Fontbonne will be your future hide n’ seek home! Come to an upcoming open house!

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