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Fontbonne University

Andrew- Is It Summer Yet?

by Fontbonne University on March 27, 2009

in Career Paths

Is it summer yet? No? Dang.fontbonneandrew2
Having come back from an amazing spring break in Ireland—and let me tell you, it was amazing—I’m finding it difficult to resume working as hard as I had been. It’s tough, really. It’s absolutely beautiful outside these days, and the sun doesn’t set until so much later now. I just want to run around outside and generally enjoy nature. And yet, we’ve got like 6 more weeks? All of April, plus a week or so on either side… Jeeze.
I think it was easier to deal with this back in the North East. See, back in Rochester, New York, where I spent the last 9 years of my life, it is still below freezing on many days. There is still snow piled up on the ground in some places. That’s pretty gross, don’t you think? Haha, and people ask me why I chose Fontbonne… the fact that it was in the Mid West was a big plus, really!
Speaking of Summer—and I’ll tie this back to the choosing Fontbonne thing—there’s a lot to begin considering as the semester rolls into its second half. In my case, I’m looking for internships already. And WOW is it stressful. Having never done this before, seeking internships in Advertising is really intimidating! It’s taken a lot of networking to get connections with the right people. But it turns out, on that note, that it really is all about connections; as of right now, I’m talking with the boss of the mother of a friend from high school. Staying in touch paid off! Thanks, Facebook!
As I was talking with my potential summer employer—Barry Strauber is his name, Vice President of Partners + Napier, a Rochester-based Advertising firm with a branch in Atlanta, Georgia—we got on the topic of Fontbonne and how great this college is. It’s a small school, so I had to explain it a little, but he seemed so impressed by the curriculum I spoke about for my major and the opportunities I had here (like going to Ireland! See, it all comes full circle). As of now, I’m in the last grouping of potential interns. We’ll see if I make that final cut!

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