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Fontbonne University

Andrew- Headed to Ireland

by Fontbonne University on March 9, 2009

in Our Causes

fontbonneandrew2So, first semester of college, I decided to do what everyone—parents, older friends, siblings, teachers, advisors, etc.—had so strongly recommended: get involved. Fortunately, Fontbonne made it easy to get involved. Not only were there a plethora of clubs to join, each with inviting, friendly people, but as a part of freshman orientation, some participation was actually required! Well, not really; but it was strongly encouraged and, being new to St. Louis and having no idea about anyone there whatsoever, I was of course inclined to attend all activities.
This year, Fontbonne had its second dedicated semester, focusing on the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals. This isn’t my first time writing about it. So it’s also not my first time writing about the reward for being one of the top ten students with the highest attendance and then coming in either first or second in a final project competition between those ten students. And I’m pretty sure it’s not my first time mentioning that I was one of those two winning students (Ryan Cooper being the other winner; he secured first place with an excellent documentary he created). So I’m almost positive, then, that this isn’t my first time mentioning that for Spring Break, I’ll be going to Ireland.
Tony Mravle, Director of Campus Ministry and all around great guy, is leading the trip to Ireland. Trying to plan on how much money I would need for this trip, I went to him to ask just what exactly “all expenses paid” meant for this trip, since it was offered as an all expenses paid trip to Ireland, after all. The answer? Everything. Like… Everything. The flights, the hotels, the meals, the tours… everything! Incredible! The only things I have to pay for will be lunches, since we’re essentially on our own for those, and of course souvenirs for my family and friends.
Thrilled, excited, pumped… these words don’t quite capture the feeling I’m looking for to express my emotions of anticipation concerning this trip. I have no doubt in my mind that this will be the trip of a life time. Not to mention, a really great spring break!

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