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Fontbonne University

Sarah B- College Is Like No Other

by Fontbonne University on February 11, 2009

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fontbonnesarahSomeone chooses to go to college for a multitude of reasons. College is a fresh start from the high school world of constantly being in class. It is nothing like high school! You come into your own at college. By the way, you get to know who YOU are…You may be a person centered around family…You may be a person that likes to give back to the community…You may be a person who is a natural born leader…or studious…or a good friend to many others. It’s really the best experience of my life so far!

If you want to challenge yourself, then go to college. Come on man! If you’ve got nothing better to do, come to college to expand your mind. Personally, I’ve made the best of friends at college. You want to go to college to network with people so you’ll have multiple job opportunities in the future, especially with the economy the way it is now. In college, you get to be yourself, have fun, make mistakes and then learn from those mistakes. You build confidence through public speaking and meeting new people. College life is like no other life!

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