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Fontbonne University

Rachel- Laser Tag Mania

by Fontbonne University on February 2, 2009

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fontbonnerachelIn thinking back on all the activities I’ve been able to participate in at Fontbonne, I must say my favorite (by far) is the annual trip to play laser tag and demolition ball. Demolition ball, a little known sport, is played with a scoop and a whiffle ball while driving a small bumper cart around a court. Two teams in different colored cars try to steal the ball and score by hitting the backboard of a the goal, which is like a basketball “net” without the hoop and net, just a small square to hit in. Being uncoordinated, both in the throwing and  the driving, demolition ball is not my favorite, but it’s still enjoyable. This most recent trip, I played with four girls versus four male international students from China. Although we put up a vicious fight, we failed to defeat the boys team. The women international students were wonderful and enthusiastic cheerleaders though!

The real reason I go is for the laser tag! It’s pretty much one of my favorite past times, bringing be back to the days of birthday parties and lock-ins, but I never seem to go outside of the trip with school. I am the ULTIMATE laser tag ninja. I’m compact enough to fit in tight, small spaces, enabling me to snipe other players from unknown positions, but I am also quick and light enough on my feet to escape the oncoming enemy. I am proud to admit I had the highest score out of forty other college students in our final game! Not only does Fontbonne offer wonderful nights of escapism into my childhood memories, but it gives me an outlet for all that classroom stress that builds up during the week. I look forward to my next excursion into the laser tag arena, hopefully it will come soon.

Check out other student activities online, or check out an open house to see what Fontbonne can offer you!

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