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Fontbonne University

Mike- The Fortune of College

by Fontbonne University on February 10, 2009

in Academics

There are several reasons why a person should go to college.  First and fontbonnemikeforemost, college is the place where people can receive a quality education in the field that they plan to pursue.  College teaches people what is expected and required of them to succeed in a certain profession.  Next, college provides extra-curricular opportunities that can also reveal to a person what exactly they want to do in life.  Relationships are established and deepen over the years spent in college.  People have the chance to meet people from different walks of life and expand their outlook on life.

College, in my opinion, is the most important years spent in life because it prepares you completely for the future.  Many people in the world do not have the good fortune of receiving a college education.  A college education is something that needs to be valued and cherished.  Personally, I have learned in college what it takes to succeed in academics, athletics, and life in general.  I have grown in independence, responsibility, and confidence and have become a better person because I have the fortune of going to a college.   

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