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Fontbonne University

Mike- Had The Time Of His Life

by Fontbonne University on February 2, 2009

in Campus Community

My favorite event that has taken place at Fontbonne was The Mystery Masquerade in late fontbonnemikeOctober. As mentioned in its name, we had no idea where we were going that night. When we finally got to Senor Julio’s, everybody was excited. There was great food and simply an awesome atmosphere. There were pool tables, places to sit down and talk, and a nice dance floor. I just had a wonderful time because I got to meet lots of upperclassmen from Fontbonne and get to know some other people better.

I love dancing and always enjoy myself when I am around music and people that I like. I have become friends with many of the people I met at The Mystery Maquerade and talk with them regularly on campus. I am now close friends with most of the people in my dorm who went there that night. It was really the first event in which I was able to experience just how creative and original the people are who work at Fontbonne and schedule events, either being members of student organizations or staff members. After that event, I discovered lots of great people here and made many friends while having the time of my life.

Fontbonne Activities Board applications come out soon, but check out other student activities while you wait!

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