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Fontbonne University

Mary Alice- Late Night Is For School Spirit

by Fontbonne University on February 10, 2009

in Athletics,Campus Community

fontbonnemaryaliceMy favorite campus event so far this year has been Late Night with Lee McKinney.Both men and women’s varsity basketball teams play a group of alumni.  Going to Late Night is a lot of fun because everyone comes out to show their school spirit.  Everyone who attends receives a free t-shirt, which makes the event even better.  It is a great way to have fun with your friends on a Friday night and you get a preview of the two basketball teams.

During half time this year, there were many different events.   The students on the Griffin Gang played dodge ball against the teachers and faculty. There was a dunking contest, a three-point contest, and the dance team and cheerleaders performed.  It was a lot of fun seeing everyone getting excited for the events going on and for the upcoming basketball season.  Late Night is just a good time to be with friends and to show your school spirit.

Athletics, school spirit, and fun! What else can Fontbonne offer you? Apply today!

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