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Fontbonne University

Liz- School Can Support Your Growth

by Fontbonne University on February 10, 2009

in Academics,Athletics,Our Causes

Someone should choose to go to college, of course, because of academics and an interest they have in a major. That fontbonnelizway they will learn academically in a specific area of interest to hopefully get a career they like in the future. A college should also be chosen based on interests outside of the classroom. As I have definitely seen at Fontbonne, college is what you make of it, even more so than high school. What you spend your time in you are investing a lot in. College provides you with many opportunities among extra-curricular activities: sports, clubs, Student Government, service groups, religious support groups etc… As someone coming into college and picking a school you must consider how a school can support your growth, not only in the classroom, but in other areas as well. Ask for a tour to get a feel for a campus, talk to people: students, teachers, and faculty at the school to see what they see on a day to day basis. Maybe spend the night in a residence hall and really try to get a feel for what the school is about. Also, check into financial aid early because a college isn’t only chosen based on interests and pursuing academics, but we all know as well this is far from true. Don’t get too discouraged. Apply for scholarships and hopefully the money won’t be as much of an issue. However, follow your heart and where you hope to be in the future as a guide. Start your search early and be persistent! Good luck from a soon graduating senior who has learned a lot within and outside the classrooms at Fontbonne, through many great and some challenging experiences!

Deadlines for financial aide are coming up, as well as a lot of open houses! Apply to Fontbonne now!

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