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Fontbonne University

Libby- Top Five Reasons

by Fontbonne University on February 23, 2009

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Top 5 Reasons to go to College:                                                               fontbonnelibby
5. You have more job opportunities.
Going to college allows you to study more about a specific field.  By gaining specific knowledge and experience, you will in turn be more qualified for specific jobs.
4. You meet all kinds of people.
Especially living in the dorms, I have met people who are like me and some that are completely different.  People of many different ages, opinions, and backgrounds attend colleges or universities, and you can gain exposure to all sorts of people.
3. You will be a well-rounded individual.
There are a variety of different courses you can take while in college.  These range from but are not limited to classes dealing with, religion, science, business, and even fashion.
2. College = Opportunity
Colleges aren’t just for education, but you can also play sports, have a job, and be social.  I know from experience Fontbonne has been a huge source of opportunity for me.  I have been able to travel to Mississippi to do service and I will be going to Belize soon for more service.  Some students have even won a trip to Ireland.  The basketball teams had the opportunity to play some games in Hawaii.  The opportunities colleges can provide aren’t limited to travel, but I personally take full advantage because of the experience traveling can provide me with.
1.    College makes you more aware.
I became more aware of different lifestyle choices and differences of opinions in many of my classrooms.  Outside of the classroom colleges raise awareness of what’s going on in that particular area and around the world.  For example, when President Obama was inaugurated, Fontbonne provided a way for students to watch that historical day.  On a more world-wide scale, Fontbonne’s dedicated semester made the Fontbonne community more aware of the negative effect of paper consumption, the need for clean water in Africa, and gender issues in other parts of the world.

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