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Fontbonne University

Libby- Missed The Winter Weather

by Fontbonne University on February 2, 2009

in Our Causes

My winter break was busy.  No not because I had a job, but because there were so many movies to see, books fontbonnelibbyto read, and friends to catch up with.  I saw some great movies this break.  Seven Pounds was not what I expected but I loved it.  I also saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button which again didn’t disappoint.  Four Christmases was a good holiday film that kept me laughing, and I even went to see it twice.  I spent a lot of my time watching Gilmore Girls season 7 which was one of my favorite Christmas presents.  I also got a ton of books for Christmas but only finished one which was The Shack.

Because my friends are scattered across the state at different colleges, it was good to be back together with everyone.  We had several bonfires and went to a high school basketball tournament which is tradition.  New Year’s Eve there was a big Guitar Hero competition not to be outdone by the family formed Rock Band on Christmas Eve.  My brother flew in from California and more plans for my sister’s wedding were decided.  I got to catch up with my friends from Fontbonne when I went on the Biloxi Mississippi Service trip.  The week we spent in Mississippi doing service for Hurricane Katrina survivors was a learning experience.  I got to work and bond with people I didn’t know so well and we became better friends.  The group even took a trip to New Orleans which was exciting because I had never been before.  We ate a restaurant off Bourbon Street and saw some interesting people and things. The only thing missing from winter break was the winter weather.  I wasn’t too disappointed though because back at school for second semester I got to go sledding in Forest Park.

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