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Andrew- College Offers More Beyond Classes

by Fontbonne University on February 10, 2009

in Academics,Campus Community

fontbonneandrew2It’s an interesting way to word the question: “Why should someone choose to go to college?” There’s two parts to address to it.
            First, there’s so much to be obtained by going to college. By continuing your education, you continue to develop your mind, and for many of us we are still at the peak of our learning ability, meaning that there is so much we can potentially gain and so much that will stick with us as we then move on to the real world. And, of course, there’s that—the real world. Especially in today’s economy, college is turning from an option to a requirement. Many are finding that if you truly want a good job, or even a decent job, you need a college degree, just to measure up to the competition. Furthermore, attending college for four years (give or take—usually, give) means that you aren’t in the job market that much longer. Right now, that means there’s four more years for the economy to recover, hopefully resulting in a healthy job market by your graduation. But in a macroeconomic sense, it also means that hundreds of thousands of young people are kept out of the job market, keeping the market from super-saturation, which would result in all kinds of a mess. But let’s move away from economics for a minute, and focus back on your development. College offers a lot, of course, beyond classes. There’s the entire college experience. This isn’t true for everyone, but for those to whom it applies, this is important. There’s a lot to be gained in life lessons. Think dorm life: when else are people randomly assigned to live together with such total strangers? Even in apartment housing, you tend to not have a roommate, or at least have a roommate you knew and opted to live with, as opposed to a total stranger (at first, anyway). Then there are the experiences that go with college sports, with college clubs, even with college food. And don’t forget the college schedules and college classes! All of these things combine together to create a unique experience that truly cannot be found anywhere else during life—and this experience is a huge lesson that can be used and applied in life, time and time again.
            But there’s that interesting second half of this question, stemming from its wording: Why should someone choose to go to college? As I mentioned before, college has turned less into being viewed as “an opportunity” and more into being viewed as “a requirement”. Because of the level of competition for jobs these days, having a degree is becoming essential (to the point where they’ve begun to say that grad school is the new college). Many students may feel tempted to look at college as “another four years”, having just escaped the confines of high school. For some, it is not viewed as a choice, but rather a burden. I cannot stress enough that this is such a mistake! College is an opportunity—and it’s up to you to seize that opportunity, because to simply attend college is not enough. To get the most out of college, to learn the lessons and create the experiences and form the friendships that will last you a lifetime, you must actively experience college. You must choose college by your own will. To view this time of your life as a burden is erroneous; to view this time of your life as an opportunity is brilliant. It’s simply a matter of making the most of what has been presented before you. Carpe Diem, you know?
            So I urge you—choose to attend college. Whether you’re considering applying or if you’re already enrolled, view this point as one of great potential, and make the most of it. Live, and be rewarded with all college has to offer.

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