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Fontbonne University

Rachel- A Resolution To Live

by Fontbonne University on January 27, 2009

in New & Future Students,Our Causes

As of January 26, 2009, I have yet to set any New Years Resolutions for myself. I could blame it on being too busy over break; I think I was in a different state every week! I barely spent a week in my hometown of Clarksville, Tennessee before going to North Carolina to spend Christmas with my mom’s family there. Just int time to come home and fly from Nashville to Shreveport, Louisiana for New Years with my boyfriend. After a week in Louisiana, I came back to Saint Louis just to caravan ride down to Biloxi, Mississippi with FISH. We spent that week tearing down and helping to revamp buildings damaged by Hurricanes Katrina and Gustav. As soon as that started, I was back at school! When was there time to think of resolutions?


I had so much fun traveling, spending time with people I loved, meeting new people, learning new things, and helping people… why not just keep doing that?  I’ve decided to live life and quit just thinking about it! Reflection and contemplation are very important components of life… but they aren’t all of it. To take action is my New Year’s Resolution. I am going to quit looking and planning for the future, and live in the moment. I will get that part-time job I keep putting off. I will see Slumdog Millionaire before it goes to video. I will go audition for the George Clooney movie they are filming in Clayton. I will join Habitat for Humanity on their open service days. I will go with Fontbonne when they go ice skating in Forest Park! And I will write my finish blog for the semester with embarassing pictures of me with no make-up (helping destroy and paint in Biloxi!). Here we go, 2009!


P.S. Check out other activities on campus coming soon! From Ice Skating to Open Houses for Incoming Freshmen!

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