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MiRita-A New Beginning Christmas

by Fontbonne University on January 29, 2009

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miritaFor this first time EVER in my life, I spent Christmas alone. I sat in my apartment surrounded by half empty boxes, due to me having just moved there a month ago. I had no intention of doing this, but my sudden change in plans  came about as I awoke on Christmas day. Originally, my plan was to bring the plethora of gift cards to my family and pig out on my Mother’s abundance of turkey, sweet honey ham, yams, green beans and all the trimmings. But, instead I just lay in bed. Nothing planned. Nothing to do. Just something different than the typical Christmas. I figured this was a new beginning for me and that comes with changes.

The rest of my holiday break was spent working twelve hour shifts at the Childrens’ Hospital Child Development Center. Occasionally, on the weekends I watched my two nieces who are  eight months and three years of age.

My new years resolution is to pay off my credit card and Macy’s card and some few lingering bills that tend to keep hovering over my head. As far as that goes, I think I’m doing well.  My goal is to not have to worry about these bills when I have to start worrying about my student loans and I know I’m getting closer and closer to that date. May God be with me.

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