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Fontbonne University

Mary- Christmas Tearing Down Walls

by Fontbonne University on January 27, 2009

in Our Causes

My Christmas break was full of everything from spending time with friends and family to tearing down walls. I spent the first week of fontbonnemarybreak working and babysitting, something that wasn’t nearly as relaxing as I hoped break would be. I spent Christmas Eve with my aunts,uncles and thirty-seven first cousins. Instead of the traditional exchanging of gifts, we take up a collection to go toward some sort of charity. This year, we raised over $1,000 and my aunt and uncle who live in Houston bought Christmas gifts for a family who lost their home in Hurricane Gustav. They took pictures and we all passed them around on Christmas Eve to see what our money bought them. Christmas Eve is my favorite night of the year, not because of gifts or food, but because my huge family travels from all corners of the country to be together. It’s one of the few times we all get to see each other and we always have a good time. The week after Christmas was spent lounging around, spending more time with family and friends, and putting new Christmas gifts to use.

After New Years I left St. Louis and headed to Biloxi, Mississippi for a service trip through FISH. This is the third year that we’ve gone down to help with the disaster that Hurricane Katrina left behind.  We spent the week tearing down the temporary offices of the Salvation Army and removing hundreds of nails from wooden beams so that it could be reused for other new homes. We had wonderful weather and I even took a swim in the gulf! We got home just in time for the cold weather and started school right away. Overall, I had a wonderful break and am already ready for the next one!

Spend your next break helping alongside FISH! Check them out now online!

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