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Dominic- A Change of Pace

by Fontbonne University on January 29, 2009

in Our Causes

I think that for me, Christmas Break has become more less a month long time to stay up late and sleep in fontbonnedominicuntil 1 in the afternoon (and maybe a power nap)and to be perfectly honest, that was all right with me. Last semester I had 18 hours, work study, and an internship which I had to get out my semi-comfy bed at 8 in the morning to walk to (but I’m not the complaining type so I digress). Being able to actually sit around and do nothing for a while was a welcome change if pace. My days were filled with watching TV, playing video games to the wee hours of the morning, and catching up on all those hours lost during school. It wasn’t until I got back home when I really realized just how tired and drained I was. But, after a couple weeks of that routine, I began to get some cabin fever (especially since my internet connection was M.I.A).

Thankfully, I did get to actually do things too. I checked out some movies with my brother, The Day the Earth Stood Still and The Spirit. Both were pretty good and had some nice effects and stories, though I liked The Spirit better, and it has nothing to do with the fact Eva Mendes was in it (okay, maybe it factored in a little bit). The biggest event though had to be attending First Night on New Year’s. I always wanted to be part of the big celebrations that I’ve seen on ABC all the time. When I got there with my brother, it was bit anti-climatic – the cold made my fingers go completely numb and there wasn’t as big a crowd as I imagined (probably due to the tundra like cold). The highlight wasn’t countdown though, but a cold old-school diner we found along the strip. The food there was simple, quick, and delicious (I got a barbecue chicken sandwich with fries and my brother got steak). We got to warm up and spent some time talking about various stuff – it was pretty cool. I think that was the best part of the break.

From then on, I just got real antsy and anxious to get back to school – I kinda missed it…in a weird way that I can’t understand.

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