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Fontbonne University

Mary-Laying Around & Shopping, Perfect Combination

by Fontbonne University on December 5, 2008

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fontbonnemaryMy Thanksgiving break was wonderful this year. Besides stuffing my face with food on Thursday evening, which is my favorite meal of the year, by far, the day I look forward to the most every year is the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. For the third year in a row now, my four very best friends from high school make their way from Mizzou, KU and Truman and gather at my dorm room at Fontbonne. We like to call it ” The Thanksgiving Break Bash”. Why do we meet at Fontbonne? Because while they’ve been out of school and home in St. Louis for three days already, I’m still here, having just finished classes a few hours prior. So on Tuesday night I spent the evening hanging out, laughing, playing games and just catching up with my four best friends since the last time I saw them in August.  I got to introduce them to my new roomates and my new dorm room and we all had a good time together. My friends from high school mean the world to me, and even if we haven’t seen eachother in months, we pick up right where we left off, so it is always a great time.
Wednesday, Friday and Saturday I spent my time laying around the house and shopping, a perfect combination if you ask me. Thursday, like I said before, is all about the food. My family had a light breakfast in the morning and headed to my Grandma’s house around noon. My dad shoved the chips and salsa in front of my face and encouraged me to eat up, so that there was more turkey for him. Around four, fifteen of us sat around a huge table and devoured a 24lb. turkey in about fifteen minutes. Then we just sat around and talked until it was time to break out the pumpkin pie and coffee.
The final Thanksgiving tradition I partake in is Family Game Night. My best friend and I have two siblings that are in the same year at the same high schools together, so we all gather together on Thursday night and burn off all the calories we ate by laughing hysterically at the ridiculous answers we come up with for the game “Things”. If you haven’t played it yet, I highly recommended adding it to your Christmas list.

Is admission to Fontbonne on your Christmas list? It could be if you apply now.

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