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Fontbonne University

Andy-A Slow Relaxing Break

by Fontbonne University on December 4, 2008

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My thanksgiving was a good one, but also boring at the same time.  Usually my whole family, aunts,fontbonneandy uncles, cousins, etc., get together and eat at my aunts house.  But this year, my mom just hosted it with my brothers and my grandparents.  It was nice, but I wish it was more of all my family, but it was still fun.  I didn’t really do much over break, except eat, sleep and work.  I enjoyed not doing anything on Wednesday or Thursday, but working this weekend was even worse.  It was extremely slow and nothing was going on in the club this weekend.  It was very slow and my days went by very slowly, but all in all, it was a good relaxing break and I am looking forward to Christmas break.

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